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Infrastructure's Role in Economic Growth Focus of Conference

January 23, 2008

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 23, 2008--Terex Corporation today announced that it will sponsor Infrastructure: A Pathway to Prosperity, a day-long conference to be held February 19, 2008 at Iona College, dedicated to examining the critical role of infrastructure in advancing the global and U.S. economies.

The conference will focus on the historical role of infrastructure in creating economic growth and opportunity; the challenges facing America's aging infrastructure; and how we pay to fix the problem, including new methods for financing public works. Topics such as congestion pricing, interstate transmission grid improvement needs and public- private financing options also will be covered.

Despite bridge collapses, steam pipe explosions, the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, crippling blackouts and the 9/11 attacks, a consensus has yet to emerge on how best to tackle a growing problem that could cripple our economy and threaten the health and safety of all Americans. This conference's main objective is to help advance public understanding and foster dialogue leading to broad-based and non-partisan support to bring about action on this important issue.

"Around the world, infrastructure building is booming, while many feel that the lack of spending on America's aging infrastructure is affecting our ability to compete in the global marketplace," said Ronald M. DeFeo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Westport, Conn.-based Terex. "Sponsoring this conference is a good way to bring together experts from a variety of fields, influential current and former office holders, labor leaders, and the broader public on the challenges and opportunities we face today."

    While not a final list, confirmed participants include:

    --  John Engler, President of the National Association of
        Manufacturers and Former Michigan Governor;

    --  Harold Ford, a Vice Chairman of Merrill Lynch and former

    --  George Pataki, Counsel, Chadbourne & Parke LLP and former New
        York Governor;

    --  Dick Gephardt, CEO, Gephardt Group and former U.S. House
        Majority Leader;

    --  Susan Eisenhower, President of the Eisenhower Group;

    --  John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO;

    --  Dr. Stephen Flynn, author of The Edge of Disaster: Rebuilding
        a Resilient Nation;

    --  Dan McNichol, author of The Roads That Built America;

    --  Dr. Peter Ruane, President of the American Road and
        Transportation Builders Association

For more information on the conference, call Chuck Dianis at 212-922-0900, or to register to attend, go to

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SOURCE: Terex Corporation

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